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What are the benefits of car wrapping?

Car wrapping vinyl can be easily removed so that when you want to sell your vehicle you can simply restore it to its original colour without losing value. The main reason people have their car wrapped is because they would like to keep their car but want a different colour. With over 100 standard colours in stock, and our unique ability to colour-match to any colour or style, we are open to your ideas and suggestions.

How long does a car wrap last?

A professionally applied car wrap will last at least 5 years. Every car we wrap come with 5 years warranty.

Will car wrapping damage the vehicle?

Applying specialist car wrapping film to your vehicle will not damage your paintwork, provided the paintwork has initially bonded correctly to the surface. However If you already have stone chips, abrasions, rust patches or your vehicle has undergone a respray then it’s important to remember that when the vinyl is removed it may pull loose paint/lacquer off with it.

Can I choose to wrap just part of my vehicle?

Car wrapping is most effective when the whole vehicle is covered in a complete design, but you can chose to wrap just part of the car, such as the rear doors or side panels.

Who do I need to advise about my car wrap?

Insurance - It is important that you advise your insurance company that you have had your vehicle part/fully wrapped. This way should you be in the unfortunate position of having an accident or need to claim on your insurance company then they are aware of the costs and materials that will need to be replaced.
Police - As part of the police's vehicle database, your car registration is linked to the make, model and colour of your vehicle. If the police do a registration number check they may stop you and ask questions regarding the colour. It is very easy to demonstrate that the vinyl is temporary and not the true colour - simply lift your bonnet or your door shuts (if not wrapped).

If I see a colour I like on the website will it be exactly the same as seeing it in person?

Whilst our gallery displays a wide range of colour wrap options please bear in mind that due to a number of conditional factors these colours may not be 100% representative of the actual shade.
We therefore strongly recommend that you visit one of our centres to view our extensive range of colour swatch booklets in order to ensure you are completely happy with your choice prior to going ahead.
WrapStyle cannot be held responsible for choices made based only on sight of a photographic image.

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